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Thank you and congratulations on getting here! It is as much a journey to feed one's curiosity by building awareness of enlightened endeavors of others, and join the thinking community on land health, as it is to be a real live steward of a working landscape. This website touches the surface, as a stone skips across a stream, with curtain pages on History, Holistic Ranching, etc., and expands a bit through menu pages, "LEARN MORE" buttons, on the hope that it starts you on a similar journey.

We expect the Elster Ranch website will become a resource of its own, through encouraged sharing, expanding over time, from our own experiences and those of our supporters.

Please review the reference material for books that have inspired this ranch's work, periodicals that keep us current, and a wonderful list of resource links on working lands, health and nutrition, land ethic - conservation, community and historic resources.

They will challenge and excite, starting with the prose poetry of Aldo Leopold's famous book of essays, "A Sand County Almanac", the Leopold inspired field work of Point Blue's Working Lands Program, the efforts of the Nevada and Placer County Farm Advisor, a host of community organizations, and many private land owners who in their way are building a Land Ethic.



Cows Save the Planet, Judith C. Schwartz
Defending Beef: the Case for Sustainable Meat Production, Nicolette Hahn Niman
Grass, Soil, Hope, a Journey through Carbon Country, Courtney White
Grass: the Forgiveness of Nature, Charles Walters
Holistic Management, Allan Savory with Jody Butterfield
Water for Every Farm: Yeomans Keyline Plan, Ken B. Yeomans


The Stockman GrassFarmer

Acres USA – The Voice of Eco-Agriculture


Working Lands

Point Blue – Conservation Science for a Healthy Planet

Holistic Management International – Educate People to Manage Lands for a Sustainable Future

Keyline Designs– Principles, Techniques, and Systems to Enhance and Regenerate Landscapes

Nevada County Resource Conservation District – Partner in Conservation and Agriculture

Quivera Coalition – Building Resilience in Western Landscapes

Regrarians – Regenerating, Rekindling and Rebooting Production Landscapes

Savory Institute – Innovative Tools and Awareness for Enduring Life of the Land

The Grassfed Exchange – Exchanging Knowledge on Regenerative Agriculture

UC Cooperative Extension – Help Communities Benefit from Scientific Advances in Agriculture

USDA – NRCS, Soil Biology and Land Management

UCCE – Foothill Farming

Web Soil Survey

Health and Nutrition

Authority Nutrition – An Evidence Based Approach

Eat Wild – Getting Wild Nutrition from Modern Food

Nevada City Farmers Market

NIH – Red and Processed Meat and Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke, and Diabetes

Sierra Harvest

Three Forks Bakery – Serving Elster Ranch Pastured Products

Weston Price Foundation – Nutrition Education

Land Ethic – Conservation

Aldo Leopold Foundation – Land Ethic, an Enduring Idea

Bear Yuba Land Trust – Save Land, Build Trails, Encounter Nature

California Rangeland Trust – Stewardship for Future Generations

TomKat Ranch Education Foundation – Partnering for rangeland Conservation


Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce

KVMR – Music of the World, Voice of the Community

Nevada City Chamber of Commerce

Nevada County Fairgrounds

The Center for the Arts


Doris Foley Library for Historical Research

Empire Mine

Nevada County Historical Society

North Star Mine

St. Joseph’s Cultural Center

Who Are These People?

Aldo Leopold

Allan Savory

D. H. Lawrence

Gretel Ehrlich

Wendell Berry