Myth and Fiction

Whether they be falsehoods born of another era or misbeliefs from outdated information they become a part of our daily lives like a morning cup of coffee.

Curiosity + Awareness = Change

There was a time when the livelihood of our forebears’ was based on working the land; weather, hard labor, and going to market was the foundation for most families and communities. A days work always heeded an eager look to a weather horizon.

Today our lives have a much shorter reach; the inside of a home, car, and office, but our impact is much greater, and our knowledge of the land community to which we still belong has been left behind.

Carbon, nutrient dense food, soil erosion, and the re-watering of our landscapes are global issues that work into the headwinds of myth, fiction, and their cousin, resistance to change.

Elster Ranch is a small learn-build-share initiative born of a passion to be a good steward of the land. The hope is this site will open doors of thought and inspire experimentation with these themes.

Ultimately it falls to each of us, be it rancher, farmer, suburban gardener, devotee of farmers markets, or reasoned consumer and voter, to search a path forward to build and champion our own land ethic...a core value to humanities need for land health.

The beauty of ruminant animals is that they alone make the healthiest form of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, the long chain version.
MythCattle destroy land and are a major source of climate change
FactGrazing is neither inherently good or bad. Like any tool the outcome depends how humans use it.
MythUrbanization and the disappearance of the family ranch is inevitable and for the best.
FactWe need more food from family ranches as it tends to be humanely produced, fresh, local, and sustainable.
FactRanching is a lifestyle linked to nature, formative for family and nation, now increasingly led by women.