Our History

"...the spirit of place is a great reality."

Elster's Timeline

This patch of landscape is soaked with the impact of events from nineteenth century gold discoveries thru to the recent laying of conduit to hold fiberoptic cable at the foot of Elster Place. It is like life itself with many moments of joy from births, barn building, periods of inactivity, transition, sorrow, loss of the house to fire, rebuilding, and wrong turns, all with the persistence to survive.
Artifacts on the ranch are markers of various events, now mostly mysteries conjuring dreams of Esters walking across pastures to the ridge, into the groves, with work in mind, tending cattle, smelling fresh cut hay, hearing Red-tailed hawks overhead, Western Blue birds on the edges and Oak Titmice nesting near the creeks.

Fourth of July parades, County Fairs, and music festivals have drawn children of the ranch to gawk at their wonders, and squeal with the anticipation of winning a blue ribbon.